A photo of me and my best friend.

A photo of me and my best friend.


Stephanie Rybicki is a mixed media artist and designer in Columbus, Ohio.

Stephanie discovered her love of collage in 2012, and since then her work has morphed into different explorations of the medium. In her current work, she repurposes archival resources into eye-catching designs that bring the materials into the contemporary. 

While most of her work is analog and hand-cut collage, Stephanie uses her background in graphic design to add a digital element to some of her pieces, sometimes digitally painting or creating GIFs from the collages.

When not working on art, Stephanie can be found in the kitchen cooking. Or eating. Probably both.


While completing her degree, Stephanie found her passion for museum and studio education, and followed that passion through her work at in non-traditional learning spaces such as the Columbus Museum of Art, Arc of the Arts Studio (Austin, Texas), The Contemporary Austin, and Spark Media Project (Poughkeepsie, New York). Currently she is the Community Director at 400 W Rich, an arts and event space in Columbus.